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Increasing college attainment and success for Greater Cincinnati students by administering need-based scholarships on behalf of individuals, businesses and organizations.

Our Story

Founded in 1918, the Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation (CSF) was first an agency that paid stipends to high school students to remain in school, who might otherwise have left to help with the war effort. Its efforts were then expanded to assist college-bound students with scholarship aid. CSF’s mission is to increase college attainment and success for Greater Cincinnati students by administering scholarships through partnerships with business, foundations, and individual donors. The foundation has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of the community, but the goal has remained the same: to remove some of the financial limitations to higher education for college-bound students.


What Drives Us

Just as the steamboat played a vital part in defining the region’s development, CSF is driven by innovation and the sincere desire to help the region. By nurturing relationships and molding the next generation we bridge the talent gap and fuel success.

Our goal is to mold the next generation of innovators and influencers to ensure their success while investing in the growth of our region. We offer unique opportunities that shape the future while allowing today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders. By pooling the area’s strongest resources, we forge connections and fuel the journey. 

Removing Financial Barriers to Education


Establish A Scholarship

Join other businesses, organizations, individuals and non-profits who have committed to helping thousands of students achieve their dream.


Apply For A Scholarship

Begin the process by creating your account to access the application for a need-based scholarship. Potential financial assistance is a click away.


Donate to a Scholarship

All contributions to the Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation are tax-deductible. Click below to view various donation levels.

Thank you!

We want to recognize the donors who have set up scholarship funds and endowments. Thank you for removing financial barriers to education.

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