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The Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation 2024-2025 Scholarship Application is now open through June 15th!


We have been working closely with our local university partners and monitoring the website for updates pertaining to the FAFSA information that CSF has historically required. CSF wants to reassure all of our applicants that your scholarship eligibility will not be impacted due to issues with the FAFSA this year. We want you to focus on ending your school year strong!  

All applicants MUST submit the following by the 6/15 deadline to be considered for CSF scholarships: 

  • Completed CSF online application
  • Transcript up to the first semester of the current academic year
  • 500-word essay. Tell us about yourself. What motivates you to do what you plan to do (study and pursue a career)? What are your positive characteristics? What kind of successes have you had in your life? What kind of hardships have you overcome to get where you are going?
  • Student resume 
  • Student Aid Index from the FAFSA Summary
  • 2024-2025 Financial Aid Award Notification.  If you have not received it by the deadline, please upload your university admissions letter, which may include any merit-based scholarships awarded.

All current college students may submit 2023- 2024 Financial Aid Award Letter if the 2024-2025 notification is not available by the deadline.

The FAFSA issues WILL NOT impact the 6/15 deadline for our current scholarship recipients who are renewing their scholarships for the 2024-2025 academic year

The Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation administers several scholarships, each with its own criteria.  However, only one application is required to be considered for all of them.  The information you enter in your application, along with the required documents you upload to your application, will determine which scholarship you are qualified to receive. Virtually all the scholarships are need-based.

Applicants must reside in the Greater Cincinnati Area* pursuing an Undergraduate Degree, Post Bachelorette Degree, or Trade Certification at an accredited, non-proprietary college, university or trade school.

Communication between the Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation and applicants/awardees is primarily done via email. It’s crucial for applicants/awardees to check their emails, including junk/spam folders, regularly throughout the application process. Neglecting to do so could result in missed deadlines or required documents.

*Please do not use your high school email address as it will most likely expire upon or soon after graduation.

Please refrain from fully submitting your application until you have uploaded the required documents. Save your application as a draft.  

CSF will only accept documents in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word
  • PDF
  • JPEG

If documents are not submitted in these formats, applications will not be considered for scholarship awards. We will not accept HTML, PNG, HEIC, Webarchive, GIF, and TXT.

When making changes or uploading documents to your application, applicants must electronically sign the application each time or the changes will not be saved.

Please contact CSF by email at with any questions or concerns regarding applications.

The CSF scholarship award process

Once CSF has received the completed application with the required documentation, it will seek to match applicants with specific scholarships based on their eligibility criteria (May-July).

Applications are then forwarded to either the CSF Scholarship Selection Committee or to scholarship-specific selection committees, as determined by the scholarship donors’ requirements. (June—July).

Once a recipient has been selected, CSF will send a notification via email with follow-up instructions.  

* Greater Cincinnati Area: Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren in OH; Boone, Campbell and Kenton in KY;  Dearborn in IN
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