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Guy McNeal Scholarship Fund

The Guy McNeal Scholarship Fund is in honor of Guy McNeal, an advocate for social justice and criminal justice reform. It endeavors to support those in need throughout their pursuit of higher education, regardless of past choices.

The fund provides college scholarships to formerly incarcerated individuals, their spouses, or children.  It was founded in 2022 by the friends and family of Guy McNeal, who found his life’s calling assisting those re-entering society after incarceration while working as an AmeriCorps Reentry Specialist at the New Mexico Corrections Department. Although he tragically died before he could start the new permanent role he had just accepted as a reentry specialist, it was clear the profound impact he had left on the inmates he worked with by the letters they sent to his family upon news of his death. Guy never lost sight of the humanity and integrity within those he worked with to plot out their lives upon release from the prison system despite the many obstacles and disadvantages they so often faced alone.  This scholarship fund was established in his honor, so that his legacy may continue to be one of dedication to those who are attempting to build a better life for themselves and their families.

The Guy McNeal Scholarship Fund is awarded to formerly incarcerated individuals, their spouses, or children.

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