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Success Stories

Maria Villeno

In the process of preparing for college, I made a crucial agreement with myself. This was to avert from inflicting burdens onto my family, more specifically my parents. I was not raised in a fairly wealthy household, but I was able to live comfortably. My parents are hardworking individuals and have always done their best to provide for me and my siblings. That being said, I did not want to create more financial challenges for my parents. Being awarded the Martha W. Tanner Memorial Scholarship from the Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation was an enormous blessing, and still is. It has been able to ease my worries of financially supporting my college education and has allowed me to fully focus on my experience as, now, a full-time college student. I hope to make both my family and the Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation Committee proud.

Jared Alonzo

Receiving a scholarship from the Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation (CSF) and the Shor family ensures that my dreams of being the first person in my family to attend university become a reality. The path to higher education has not been without its share of challenges, particularly with regard to financial constraints. However, the unwavering support of organizations like the CSF, coupled with the dedication of its esteemed trustees, has transformed obstacles into opportunities. This scholarship, graciously offered to me, not only alleviates the financial burden of my college education but also serves as a profound validation of my academic achievements and potential. CSF and their contributors leave an impact that is indescribable on the lives of many.

Adam Kelley

The scholarship ensures I’m able to focus on my studies at the Christ College College of Nursing and Health Sciences. With a shortage of nurses in our community, this award not only helps me, it meets our city’s needs, too. The scholarship application and renewal processes are simple. Thanks to the Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation, I’m well on my way to fulfilling my professional goals.

Bryanna Hall

There’s so much I want to accomplish in life but it’s sometimes hard without support.  Receiving a scholarship from CSF keeps me motivated and I am so thankful to be a part of the CSF family and show them how much I will accomplish in few years. It wouldn’t be possible without their assistance. 

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